Monday, March 19, 2018

Blue and Grey vs Maroon and Gokd

A post by Stephen Kanagal from a facebook thread

Hillview's uniform of blue and grey came into being in January 1955. The maroon and gold came into being around post September 1962 when the blazer was introduced as maroon with gold trimming and the crest also with the same colours as well as the College flag and tie. These maroon and gold are used as a formal wear for graduations and formal opening and closing ceremonies of the School. The blue shirt and grey trousers were embellished with the gold and maroon crest and at times with the maroon school tie. There is no conflict since the blue and grey is well settled since 1955 and the maroon and gold used for formal occasions. Dr Moosai seems to have borrowed these Colours from King's College, Cambridge a name that he wanted to introduce at Hillview but better sense prevailed. Prior to this the formal wear was all white with a maroon tie after we moved to El Dorado in 1957. The burgundy blazer referred to by Marc above was really the maroon blazer and I still have mine as you can see in my photograph

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