College Song


Lift up your voice and sing
Across the campus clear ;
Let the name Hillview Ring
From classrooms year by year;
We'll strive with might to serve the world.
With deeds of love, with flags unfurl'd.

Our Flag, maroon and gold
It floats on high serene;
A banner and stronghold,
An inspiration keen;
All things concerning human ken
Are ours to champion, Hillview Men.

Three Humming Birds in flight
O'er the mountain peaks
Fan out the pages bright
Of knowledge each one seeks;
An for the world this message hum;
Humani Nihil Alienum.

To us who study here,
Hillview Will always be
Our Alma Mater dear,
Beloved from sea to sea;
And from these hills inspired true,
We'll face the world with visions new.

(Dr. Stephen Moosai-Maharaj)

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